2014 Recap

When I started the blog last March I had no idea whether I could clearly express my thoughts in writing. I remember having to do documentation at work and how my motivation would start to wane. Somehow it's different when I can write about the stuff I want to write. I was also afraid that I'd just run out of material very quickly. I started out with ideas for maybe the first two or three posts, but here I am now, with more than 100 ideas in the backlog.

I managed to do 22 posts of varying length and quality (well, 23 if you count the welcome post) which generated a little over 10.000 views. Is that good, is that bad? I can't really say. The niche I'm addressing is pretty small, but I definitely need to find more ways to get my blog out there. Unsurprisingly, the most well received posts were the ones about SystemVerilog. This mirrors the well known fact that it's the most widely used HVL. Nevertheless, this doesn't mean I'll quit writing about e.

I want to branch out into other verification topics aside from how to code this and that. I have some ideas about a few verification musings posts and I want to bring back the Fun and Games with CRV section. Basically, I want to justify the "more" in "SystemVerilog, e and more".

I've done a small alteration to the site. If you look on the sidebar, you'll notice a new Pages section with a link to the new Contact page. There you'll find links to other pages where you can find me and a contact form to send me a message directly. I want to get more in touch with you, my readers, so don't hesitate to use it.

Technical posts will resume shortly. We'll end our vr_ad series with one more post and then we'll shift our focus to SystemVerilog.

Here's to an even better year than the last for the Verification Gentleman blog!