I'm trying to build a bigger online presence so you can find me on a number of different sites. I answer (and also occasionally ask) questions (mostly on SystemVerilog and e) on StackOverflow. You can also find me on the Accellera forums, on Verification Academy (a Mentor Graphics website) and to a lesser extent on the Cadence Functional Verification forum. By posting a thread there you have a good chance of seeing me chime in to the discussion.

You can also follow me on Twitter and on LinkedIn:

To get in touch with me directly, use the contact form under this paragraph. Feel free to suggest ideas for new posts or to just say hi. If you represent an EDA company and want to provide me with a license for a product of yours (for a review, sponsorship, out of the kindness of your heart, etc.), I'm all ears. Please don't email me with work related questions or with job offers; use one of the channels above.


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